"Our Business Is Your Business"

The Coffee Shack will be hosting monthly Coffee, Conversation & Education meet-ups to educate you about the housing market, buy/selling homes, real estate investing, insurance and mortgages and other educational topics.

At the first meeting the following will be there:

1)   Sharon Been, Broker/Owner, Dynamic Properties of Colorado.
      Curious about what your home is worth?
      Considering buying a home:  First time homebuyer?  Move-up or sizing down?

      Or, any interest in Investing in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds?  Let's talk.

2)  Centennial Insurance at these meet ups to answer all your insurance
     Curious about whether or not your current insurance would rebuild your home
     if it was lost in a wildfire or
 replace your personal property?    

     Plus, how much insurance do I need?

3)   Richie Frangiosa, ADV Mortage
      Curious about homes loans, interest rates?

      Do you need to know if you qualify and, if so, what you qualify for?

So, please join us for a cup of coffee and a morning gathering of                                                      Casual...  Friendly...  Informative...     
talk where you will learn to define and redefine your possibilities.

If you have questions and need answers then this meet-up is for you and it's FREE!

When:    March 4, 2020

Time:     10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where:   The Coffee Shack,  12 Rosalie Road, Bailey, CO

More Info:    Sharon Been, 303-358-9859


Note: If you are business owner and want to be part of these events, please contact Sharon.

                               No Obligations!   No Pressure!   We Promise!