That "Shack" was the original Dynamic Properties of Colorado's real estate building. 
It got it's nickname from the fact that it was truly a "shack".

In 2003 we outgrew it and had to build the new Dynamic Properties' building.   Being a coffee addict and in love with Kaladai Brothers coffee (from Alaska) I turned the "shack" into the "COFFEE SHACK".   

At that time, it was mainly a drive-through and was a great success.   It was managed by my daughter, Shelley (who also is Dynamic's Administrator), and my son, Josh Been, Ben Farson and a couple of Josh's other high school buddies.     It was a fun place, to say the least!

When Josh and his buddies went off to college,  I then sold the business to Joe and Mike,  Bailey Mountain Coffee Shack.  Later Joe was killed in a motorcycle accident and I had to once again sell the business.   The coffee shop later met it's death due to poor management. 
The "Shack" was then rented to the Salon for the next few years.

When it was heard that the Salon was moving, emails, text and phone calls started coming in ..
"PLEASE bring back "The Coffee Shack".   

It didn't take long, or much persuasion, for me to decide if we wanted the best coffee ever, just bring back The Coffee Shack. 

So, the COFFEE SHACK is back.   

Once again,  it will be a family affair.  My daughter, Shelley, Dynamic's Administrator, and my granddaughter, Candyce Seger, will be managing it. 

Makes me realize how old I'm getting ... first my son and now my granddaughter! 

The Coffee Shack will have the drive-thru,  tables and a bar.   In addition to that,  I added a Sunroom for seating year round.  And, there's still a deck for seating in the summer.   And, yes, Wi-Fi!!

We are excited and the emails, texts and phone calls keep coming saying:

"Thank you".
And we say, "Thank YOU, Bailey..."  We appreciate the support. 

We hope to see you there and look forward to serving you.     God Bless!

                                                                                                                               Sharon Been, Owner

The Coffee Shack   and
Dynamic Properties of Colorado